Yours, Mine & Ours

by Pancake Riot

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Outpost.


released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Pancake Riot Janesville, Wisconsin

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Track Name: 2,100
Looking at you through the rearview mirror; been driving all night, get some sleep my dear. We're not stopping tonight. We've got a long car ride ahead, but it's two a.m. and the roads are dead, so I'll speed just a bit.

Twenty-one hundred miles. It'll be worth all the while.

With every welcome sign we pass, my foot steps harder on the gas. I don't care, we're almost there. Wake up, we just crossed the stateline; feels like I can breathe for the first time. The sun is so much brighter here.
Track Name: Drive Away
"Turn around," she said, "I've been waiting for years to get this far." And the twilight breeze makes me weak in the knees, cause it's changing who we are,

softly blowing memories away. There's her barefoot in the sand with a fistful of cobwebs in her hand; away.

In the space between her face and the moon, I found myself. At the water's edge, she looked at me then she said, "Now there's no way out."

Look who's holding back the tears today. And look who's falling way too fast, waiting for her crystal heart to crack away. You can drive away.

So let me in your door, it's getting colder here outside and I've got no place to stay. And I was hoping that you'd find a way to ease my mind.

And she took my hand at the edge of the earth, where we used to play. She said, "Don't look down, cause you're falling right now and you're fading away."

And now we've no one left to take the blame. And now we've nothing left to loose and you're gone now even if you choose to stay, so you can drive away.
Track Name: Homecoming
Say goodbye to the boys in the band; hit the road again New Year's Day. Wash away these twelve months past. We'll be coming home at last. Say hello to mom and dad, tonight I'll sleep in my own bed. Wash away these twelve months past; we'll be coming home at last

You can count on me. I'll be home.

Say hello to our old friends, glowing bright like Christmas lights. Wash away these twelve months past; we'll be coming home at last. When we say goodbye to our hometown, it might hurt but well carry on. Washed away these twelve months past; now we'll make you proud at last.

You can count on me. I'll be home.

Tired of trying to get away, we've been gone a year and a day.
Track Name: Slip Away
She's the one who tries to slip away. I'm still watching for her to this day. She's been building up just like a hurricane. She's just a little act of god.

She's the one who tries to slip away.

Who's got the stamina, or the guts to keep this up all night? I hope you don't die all alone again. You're just a little act of god.

She's not gonna reap the whirlwind, or bear a butterfly. I'm gonna lay her down in safety. I can't handle my mistakes. They make me desperate until they're gone. And I can't hold a leaf in my hands without ripping it up until it's gone. You're just a little act of god.
Track Name: Enjoy the Ride
She served him coffee at a truckstop near Toledo. He kept her smiling with his dark, good looking ways. He said it's too quiet here, so why don't we go somewhere loud? They went out dancing and then they go to thinking they'd hit the road once she packed all her bags. Fueled up on gas and the whiskey they'd been drinking, he sprinted out of that Stop-and-Go with a bag of cash in tow.

He said, "Just run when I tell you to, but stay if I ask you to. I'll teach you how to drive, you'll be alright with me by your side. It's a crazy world, but you and me, we'll own it, girl. I'm telling you we'll be alright. Just hang on and enjoy the ride."

That Mustang lit up every time she shifted gears. She felt right at home behind that steering wheel. He wouldn't let her keep the gun, but he let her keep the keys. When he was sleeping, she took any road she pleased. They hit up a bank, convenience stores and a mall; filled up that 'Stang with anything they could. And when the police chased 'em, they outran them all. The faster you go, the harder you will fall.

She believed she was his only girl, until she saw them sneaking out at night.

Then one night that boy met his doom. She caught them both outside a motel room.

I stayed cause I wanted to. But now it's time to drive. You never should've left my side. So now I'm on my own. It'll just be me and the open road. The last thing he saw was the headlights. She hit the gas and she enjoyed the ride.

The moral of the story is: if you want to make it far, then never leave the one who loves you if she has the keys to your car.
Track Name: Coffee Shop
We could go home, but it's so much better when you're not alone. We've got a good song to sing. Everybody is singing right next to me. Good friends, won't end, singing into the night.

There's always tomorrow.

It's cold outside, but it's warm in the corner of our coffee shop. It's after hours, but you know we ain't gonna stop. Today, tomorrow; sitting in the same spot.
Track Name: In the Morning
Well I missed you in the morning after I said goodbye. On the way home, all I could think about was when you kissed me last night. When you called me to see how I was, I should've told you right then. Could you explain what I'm feeling? Is something about to begin?

I fell into you in the morning, so please tell me you'll stay. Cause, darling, no one else has ever made me feel this way. I'll sing along with you if you sing along with me. I promise no one else could ever make me feel this way.

Now it keeps me awake at night, though I shouldn't think of you. But I've never seen someone with your light. And I love the way you sing. I've got nothing to offer to you; nothing you don't already have. Hope you're happy right where you are, and I'll keep searching for a feeling like that.
Track Name: Ribcage
Can I crawl inside your ribcage, and curl up to your heart? Can we stay like this forever, and never fall apart? But if you chose to leave dear, I'd more than understand, for life never unrolls for us quite like we truly plan.

And we're singing I will cherish you until the end.

So will you crawl into my ribcage, and curl up to my heart? Can I keep you there forever, so we won't have to fall apart? Cause I'm sure I'd die if you left me standing all alone. I can't force you to stay dear, if you don't feel at home.
Track Name: Brother Get Out
Tired eyes, shuffling feet; nowhere to go, no one to meet. Days cast aside, all one and the same; a muzzled man, blind, deaf and lame. Spirit anchored to the ground. Encircled bars all around. You got to get out.

Break from this birdcage, brother. Spread those wings and fly. Break from this birdcage, brother, or a captive you will die.

Traded soul for little homes and everything that needs to roam. An age old trick to spurn the road; but a static poison slowly corrodes. Think of the terrible cost of wanderlust be lost. Ain't gonna let this small town rob you blind of the kind of life you'll find outside.

Brother, break out. Brother, help me out. I gotta get out.
Track Name: Wisconsin
In the summer we run wild, chasing the clouds above our heads through sweat stung eyes. In the fall we bundle up and prepare for the cold front to come for us.

Old Wisconsin, our Wisconsin, you're our home. You're in our soul. My Wisconsin, your Wisconsin, it's our home; God only knows.

Our roots are deep. You're ours to keep until the end of time. We'll keep you in our memory when we leave you behind. Won't be the last you'll see of us; we'll be back soon one day. If I'm alive and you're alive, then everything's okay.

In the winter, we all shiver knee deep in snow until the spring comes again. When the snow melts and the ice breaks, the grass rises. The rivers flow once more.
Track Name: City Tonight
In the city beginning the day; now it's late, now blue skies fighting to stay. You could have torn the world up, now you're just wanting to stray on the sidewalk, hot sidewalk.

We own the city tonight and everything is sacred.

This environment; entirely concrete. Me in my heart; hard concrete. Everything's sacred, everything's complex. We've been following our hearts without a background check.